Fryer's Cove Timeline

Learn more about how our winery got its start, and how it has grown.

From humble beginnings

Fryer’s Cove is named after the first commercial farmer in the area, British settler Richard Fryer who entrenched a tradition of community investment in the area. The original Fryer built the first school in Strandfontein and today Fryer’s Cove remains involved in school sponsorships and job creation efforts in the area.


Doringbaai was first settled in 1925 when the North Bay Canning Company instructed a Dutchman named Koos Bleeker, to establish a crayfish packing factory in the West Coast area.


By the 70s the West Coast fishing industry had lost its lustre. Fish and major fisheries had begun to migrate southwards and had forced the closure of the Doringbaai factory. This set the tone for a long period of economic decline.


In 1985 an aspirant winemaker studying at the Elsenburg Agriculture College, holidayed in the Strandfontein area, and had a dream. He shared it with his (now) in-laws and 14 years later Fryer’s Cove was born.


Wynand Hamman was the student and his in-laws were Jan and Ponk van Zyl.The initial going was tough. Not only did the winemakers have to contend with the unknown factors of wind and sea, but the area was drought prone.


In 1999, the first vines of Fryer’s Cove were planted amongst beach vegetation with uninterrupted seaviews. This area, which is eight hundred and twenty meters from shore and about twenty meters above sea level, is sought after for its ideal climate which translates into the prominently unique flavour and character of Fryer’s Cove wine.


In the 2000’s the original Laubscher brothers were still farming the area and it was on a part of their farm that the Fryer’s Cove vineyards were founded.


South Africa’s prestigious Wine Magazine gives Fryer’s Cove Vineyar’s Sauvignon Blanc a 5-star rating, making it only the second Sauvignon Blanc to do so in 12 years.


Fryer’s Cove moves its cellar into the old fish factory and starts preparations of its tasting room and restaurant community project, making it one of South-Africa’s most unique wine cellars.


A new era begins. Fryer’s Cove Vineyards redesigns its corporate image and launches it’s new high quality packaging and wines into the market.


Fryer’s Cove launches it’s new Dry Pinot Noir Rosé. Their first ever special Pinot Noir Rosé and there aren’t many of them around.

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