Our Winery

Perfectly located in the heart of the West Coast, South Africa


Fine Wines enhanced by their natural coastal surrounds

When something is done with passion, love of the craft and true family values, one can almost taste it in the end result. This can truly be said of the process in which the fine wines of Fryer’s Cove are produced, not only are they enhanced by their natural surroundings, but they are carefully hand crafted by a team of authentic, passionate winemakers who are invested in the greater community.


Our cellar is situated in one of the most unique ‘wine producing’ locations in the world. Breathing life back into what was once a full functioning fresh fish processing factory.

Moving our cellar into these historic walls, not only has the local community benefited, but so too does Fryer’s Cove, and in unexpected ways.

Being so close to the Atlantic Ocean and committed to using as much of the natural resources we find ourselves surrounded with, we just had to find a way to use these icy currents to our advantage.

We found we are able to run stainless steel pipes filled with water through the ice cold Atlantic Ocean.  This water then runs through our cooling tanks, regulating our wines temperatures. This saves us from having to waste energy on cooling plants and gives us a much lower carbon footprint.

What is happening at the cellar? Latest news :

We are all working very hard to get the 2018 vintage of our award winning Doringbay Sauvignon Blanc bottled and labeled!

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