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Bamboes Bay ‘Hollebaks-strandfontein’ Sauvignon Blanc Reserve 2016


A full structured Oak and Clay Pot fermented Sauvignon Blanc then aged for 18 months. Profound minerality with lemon, citrus, white flowers and some fresh hay. The intense palate is rich, creamy, chalky packed with our unique “kelp” personality we seem to get from our shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Remarkably balanced, complex dry finish.


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The original name of the farm at Bamboes Bay. Translated from the Dutch, the name means a “hollow bin” and “beach fountain”. In earlier days, farmers in this arid area used it as source of fresh water for their
livestock from this “fountain” down in this hollow.

Food Pairings:
Sublime with poached Salmon, even tasty West Coast Oysters add an amazing combination with this oak matured Sauvignon Blanc. Even try a fine creamy goat’s cheese with this exquisite wine; you have a match
made in heaven!

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