On Monday the 15 of January 2019, Fryer’s Cove Vineyards management team honored the staff that worked so hard during the December Holidays. Although it was a team effort and success would not have been achieved otherwise,  Fransiena took the waiter of December award as part of the waiter incentive, earning her an additional R500 bonus! 

Fryer’s Cove Vineyards will always strive to move forward in community development and relationship building. With that in mind, we hosted a “braai” for the waiters that participated in season to show our thanks. Delicious “boere wors” and beef kebabs with “roosterkoek” and a greek salad, prepared on the Jetty with a setting sun, gave us the opportunity to share some stories and achievements.

We are extremely proud of our A-Team! Although we know, and even hope, that they all move on to achieve greater things in life, we trust that as long as they are with us we will be able to continue providing our guests with the best service on the west-coast!